Into the Abyss...

I initially started a blog back in 2013, a year after I'd started baking. Somehow I didn't get into a rhythm and after many stop-start attempts (and with much nudging and encouraging), I decided to take the plunge and invest in me! So domain and email and everything, here we go...into the abyss!!

I've always loved food...my mum told me a story once about how I'd been given the wrong tupperware to take to nursery one day and as I opened up my bag and examined the contents of what should have been my lunch, I burst into tears, causing such a fuss and blurting out "my food" repeatedly until they'd managed to get a hold of Mummy dearest to come and fix the nanny's mistake.lol That was late 1980s and fortunately my mum taught at a grammar school a short distance from my nursery school so I wasn't bawling for too long.

If you grew up in Nigeria and were one of a few siblings, you more than likely had a nanny if both parents worked. I'm number two of five girls plus there are twins after me so my folks definitely needed a hand bless 'em!

With that in mind, I thought I'd share my favourite breakfast. Plus it's popular across the world and was certainly popular in our household... EASY FLUFFY PANCAKES!

Head over to my recipes for a gander at this awesome recipe! Toot Toot!! That's me tooting my own horn :)

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