Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

I love sorbet and I love ice-cream but sometimes I need something with no artificial sugar and zero of the "faff" associated with making ice-cream! An accidental find was the recipe I'm sharing with you. I'd forgotten to leave any fruit out for my smoothies one morning. I typically freeze one of the fruit going into my smoothies rather than adding ice cubes. Little did I know this "find" of mine was already a thing!! It's called a smoothie bowl! lol

Well, here's my recipe. Simple and effective and so incredibly tasty! It's gluten free, vegan, all the various "I don't or can't eat that" groups would approve...the only thing I recommend is that frozen bananas are a constant. If you're allergic to bananas or diabetic and on a meal plan, I suggest adding an avocado instead. They give the same creamy texture of a banana with a fraction of the sugar and carbohydrates!

Aside from the one constant ingredient, feel free to switch up the fruit. You can opt for a single additional type of fruit or 2 or 3 others. Just remember that the more fruit you have in the mix, the less you'll need of each. With or without toppings it's so tasty! I've shared my granola recipe with you so you can give it a go if you fancy. It's my favourite topping!

You'll need freezer bags for your fruit. It makes it easier to blend if you've stored them flat and spread out in the bag rather than packed into a container. Blueberries are fine in a container if they're dried off before freezing. They won't stick together in the packed way that some other fruit do.

Sweeteners like honey, vanilla and agave syrup are optional and you can sub yoghurt, coconut water, almond milk or fruit juice for the water. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it 😃

Makes 2 servings

1 banana, chopped and frozen

9 medium strawberries, halved and frozen

9 medium blackberries, frozen

A handful of frozen blueberries

1 cup water

Dried fruit, seeds or nuts, granola (your choice) to serve...

-Add the fruit in 3 goes with a little of the water each time and blend on the highest power.

-Pour into a bowl and sprinkle on your chosen toppings.

-Yum it all up! It melts quickly!

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