On The First Day of Christmas....

I'm giving thanks to God for being in the lovely city of Dubai. This is possibly the most tolerant society I have ever experienced. The UAE is indigenously muslim. You'd have to be ignorant to say you don't know it's a muslim country. Yet Christians are free to worship, free to celebrate and free to buy Christmas trees! I am truly grateful for this.

One of my favourite sayings is "Food is Life" so I want to ask you a couple of quick questions... What are you feeding yourself? Your mind, Your body, Your soul/spirit? It's so important to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and it's equally important to engage in a good amount of activity but the spirit/soul/mind tends to be overlooked. As we approach Christmas day, think about what you're focusing on, think about why you're celebrating, think about your intentions when you're buying gifts and food for that tasty Christmas menu.

If you're really just here for the food, that's okay too. I'm not here to judge so head over to the Recipes page for some tasty recipes over the next 12 days. Let's start with delicious chicken shall we? Here's a preview photo...

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