On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

Let's talk about giving! There are so many promotions and adverts and Christmas themed events that take place throughout December. It always baffles me just how much we get caught up in the buying culture when Christmas is upon us. It's a shame that it distracts us from the truth about Christmas and the fact that it's a Christian celebration of Jesus and the joy that He brought to the world with His birth.

With the ultimate gift of life in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to give something to someone in need. Remember that people are living and sleeping rough. There are so many women out there that could probably do with a little shower bag of lady things or guys out there that could do with a shower bag of wet wipes and deodorants. Don't feel that you have to be overly extravagant about the gift or that you have to give to a food bank or charity specifically. That's definitely a good thing to do by the way if you can afford to.

So as you grab those last minute gifts for loved ones, pick up some face wipes or some toothbrushes or some gloves or some feminine care items and make a difference to someone you see that's struggling. God bless you as you do so.

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