On The Fifth Day of Christmas....

Let's talk about why more or less everything goes in the oven for Christmas dinner!

I've got a theory about this. I'd love to hear what your reasoning is after you've had a read of my musings...I think it's perfect for everything to go in the oven for 3 reasons...

1. It gives the chef(s) a chance to mingle with everyone and get in on the games action.

2. It's kind of fool-proof! You out the food in, set a timer and take it out at the end. Even the worst cooks can handle turning the oven on and off and even if the veg and 'tatoes are wrecked from burning, hey!! There's always the bird!

3. There's hardly any other way to cook a whole bird without chopping it into pieces is there?!

What say you... have a look at the oven free recipe for Christmas meat I've just shared 😊

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