Plantain Chips

Christmas day isn't complete without a few bites strategically placed all around the lounge, dinning table and kitchen....so I've been messing around with a few things and the first one I'm sharing with you is a Nigerian favourite, plantain chips!! Try them, their so tasty and really very easy to make. I haven't put quantities for the condiments as I think this is one best done freestyle.

Green plantain

The green plantain is a low sugar option and gives the perfect crunch!

1 green plantain per person


chilli powder (optional)

ginger powder

blak pepper

caster sugar (optional)

vegetable oil for frying - the quantity will depend on your pan but you need it to be about an inch deep in the pan.

- Peel the plantain and then using a sharp knife, slice very thinly until you've got lots of lovely thin discs.

- Sprinkle the condiments sparingly all over the plantain and then flip them over and season again.

Seasoned plantain

- In a wok or large frying pan, heat the vegetable oil until it's very hot and test a single slice of plantain. It should sizzle and sink and almost immediately start to float back up to the top.

- Add the plantain a little at a time (I do them one at a time to ensure they don't stick) making sure not to overcrowd the pan.

- Once the sizzle has quietened down, reduce the heat and fry for a further couple of minutes until golden then using a slotted spoon, scoop out of the oil and onto a tray lined with kitchen towels.

Plantain chips

- That's it!! Super easy right? The crunch is perfect and the ginger and chilli combo is fire!


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