Chunky Chilli Sauce

As the nights get colder in Dubai, we need a little more heat packed into our dinners but we wanted something that was going to be a little "meaty" rather than the typically smooth sauces most stores have to offer.

This is a simple something I whipped up that gave us the perfect heat and a crazy after-kick that made our lips tingle so for those wanting a little lip plumping action before heading out on the town, yes! You can thank me later ☺️

1 beef tomato

1 medium onion

5 habanero chillies

a sprinkle of mixed herbs-oregano, thyme, marjoram, parsley

4 tbsp coconut sugar

30ml apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp olive oil

- Slice the onion into half moon slices and chop the tomato into rough chunks.

- Heat the oil in a shallow pan and add in the onions and tomato.

- Thinly slice the chillies and add to the pan with the herbs, stirring the contents together well. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

Onion, tomato and chillies

- Add the coconut sugar and stir until well combined.

With the dissolved coconut sugar

- Once the sugarhouse dissolved, add the apple cider vinegar and leave to simmer until it starts to thicken and darken.

With apple cider vinegar

- Once it comes easily from the sides and resembles a salsa, turn off the heat and leave to cool slightly before serving.

Finished chilli sauce

- Enjoy!

#Easy #Vegetarian

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